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nextgenAir™ purifier

The nextgenAir™ purifier is a unique patented new-era innovation developed to protect us as we enter “the new normal” in life and air quality.

Developed with all-round quality front of mind, the system delivers high performance elimination of pollutants down to 0.1 micron, is energy efficient, low maintenance, recyclable and simple to use.


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The Air of Freedom™ – the nextgenAir Purifier eliminates the covid-19 virus by deactivating airborne aerosols.

this should not be mistaken for a regular air purifier!

nextgenAir™ purifier should not be compared with standard hepa, peco or uv air purifiers, cleaners or filters.

It is a multi stage new generation universal air purifier designed to tackle airborne contaminants (particles, aerosols and gasses).

Aerosols are confirmed to be one of the main transportation paths of the Covid-19 virus. By deactivating the aerosols nextgenAir™ successfully eliminates viruses delivering pure nextgenAir™.

helps surmount current crisies


Addressing current Covid-19
and future pandemics.


Actively filtering odours, VOC’s and chemicals.


Eliminating harmful substances
and contaminants.


Providing allergy relief by eradicating pollutants.

purifies down
to 0.1 micron

No other system has the range of filter stages like nextgenAir™ Purifer. Eliminating 100% of contaminants down to 0.1 micron.

  1. Coronavirus 0.1µm
  2. Bacillus bacteria 0.3µm
  3. Wildfire smoke 0.7µm
  4. Pore size of standard carbon water filter 2.5µm,
  5. Red blood cell 7µm,
  6. Average pore size of sediment water filters 10µm

the Air of Freedom™

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this is a superior air purifier

The nextgenAir™ purifier is a patented new-era innovation developed to protect us as we enter “the new normal” in life and air quality.

plasma generator

Removes O3 from O2
Groups in the air.

nano filter

Traps coarse contaminants
in nano-fibers Tech.

dual metal
nano cores

Eliminates contaminants
through ESD.

active carbon

Captures O3 groups, releases
O2, CO2 and H2O.

clean air delivery rate
how nextgenAir™ compares

The higher the clean air delivery rate, the more effective the system is at purifying the area.

nextgenAir™ blends innovation with basic physics to work 100% effectively

There are several key benefits that have proven to be much more effective than standard systems;

Plasma filter
(proven technology)

(two stage failsafe)

system height
(optimum spread)

design of tower
(area and airflow)

(to spread clean air)

air diffusion
(spread / downflow)

(captures particles)

inlet 360deg
(full area coverage)

energy consumption
(no heating/cooling)

(once a year)


(large but <40kg)

where can I use nextgenAir™ purifier?

healthcare &
social assistance

government & public

hotel &

retail, food &

entertainment &


facilities management

transport &

frequently asked questions

Is the nextgenAir™ Purifier energy efficient?2020-11-26T13:19:20+00:00

Yes, the system consumes 125w of energy and we are working on much more energy efficient parts that will reduce it to 25w

Is the nextgenAir™ Purifier Recyclable?2020-11-26T13:19:02+00:00

Yes, we have studies the recyclability of the ABS plastic and we can successfully produce 100% new parts from the recycling of the parts.

Do I need to service the nextgenAir™ Purifier?2020-11-26T13:19:42+00:00

Not really! In Europe we have only received in 5 years a 0.5% service requests, typically calls can quickly identify any user concerns.

Can I return used nextgenAir™ filters?2020-11-26T13:20:04+00:00

Yes, refer to the user manual.

Do I need to replace the nextgenAir™ Filters?2020-11-26T13:20:19+00:00

Yes, hepa once a year and plasmamade filter every 5 years.

Is the nextgenAir™ Purifier safe?2020-11-26T13:20:43+00:00

It is 100% safe and in the event of some form of failure there is a two stage software and hardware failsafe built into the system.

Does the nextgenAir™ Purifier work with current ventilation?2020-11-26T13:22:12+00:00

Yes, in fact, it works very well with existing ventilation, it will also work with rooms with no ventilation / windows.

Can people sit near the nextgenAir™ Purifier?2020-11-26T13:22:08+00:00

There is nothing wrong with sitting near the system.

How long do you leave the nextgenAir™ Purifier on?2020-11-26T13:22:03+00:00

The system should be used when there is activity in the area, at night with no activity turn it off to save on energy.

How many nextgenAir™ Purifier do I need?2020-11-26T13:22:30+00:00

See techno gym example, work on a principal of 400-800m3/h per single system.

Where do I place a nextgenAir™ Purifier?2020-11-26T13:22:48+00:00

The system is mobile and can be placed anywhere where it can be plugged in.

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